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Web-based subjects are as follows:


Basic Math, Algebra I, II, III, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre- Calculus, Calculus

From the times tables to complicated computations, we have the resources to help your child gain confidence when working with numbers. Basic math includes arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, which is primarily for our younger students. If it’s algebra that your child needs help with, our patient tutors are trained to simply and effectively explain the rules of operation and the things that can be constructed from them, including polynomials, equations, and algebraic structures. Our tutors can cover practical and modern algebra. We can help with axiomatic geometry, as well as dimension and topology. Our calculus tutors are trained to cover topics of integral and differential calculus. Our tutors are well versed in calculus limits, functions, derivatives, integrals, and infinite series. Grade Levels K-12 ,College Level

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Reading, Comprehensive Reading, Writing, English I, II, III,

ACE English tutoring includes phonics, vocabulary, and text/reading comprehension. For older students, we have excellent tutors that instruct in popular middle, high school, and college literary works. We help your child master the basic and not so basic aspects of English. Interactive games and puzzles are used to get our younger students on the reading and writing bandwagon. We help the student with all the stages of reading comprehension. Tutors assist students in meeting and exceeding their English goals. Grade Levels K-12 ,College Level

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Social Studies

Geography, World History, American History

Our social sciences tutors can instruct in a variety of topics. ACE Tutoring covers various fields which entail past and current human behavior and interactions, such as sociology, history, political science, economics, and geography. Grade Levels 4-12 ,College Level

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Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Earth Science

Ace Online Tutoring provides our students with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of science. The science subjects we offer are from the simpler to the more complex sciences. Our tutors will help your child break down core subjects such as chemistry, biology, and earth science. Topics such as cells, classifications of living things and various living systems, to more complex principles such as force, momentum, energy and work, can be thoroughly explained by our experienced science tutors. Grade Levels 4 -12 ,College Level

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Foreign Language

English, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, & Italian

Our foreign language tutors can assist students in both oral and written language development. In recent years, large numbers of school systems have been implementing foreign language subjects in classrooms as early as kindergarten. This is beneficial, as studies have shown that children learn languages easier when they are taught in earlier stages of cerebral development. Ace Tutoring provides top quality tutoring in basic, intermediate, and advanced languages. If the language you are interested in, is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to pair you with a certified, trained and effective language teacher. Grade Levels K-12 ,College Level

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ACE Tutoring ACT, PSAT/SAT Prep Course is great for all learners. If you have previously taken the SAT, ACT or the PSAT we can guarantee that by taking our course you will exceed your previous score.

The cost of the course includes shipping and handling of the prep book used in our programs. Our PSAT/SAT Prep Course utilizes The Princeton Review's edition of Cracking the SAT 2009 Edition. Our ACT course encompasses English, mathematics, reading , and science to help generate impressive scores for our students. Through utilizing our thorough textbook and consistently being coached by our online instructors, we will eliminate some of the jitters that students have when tackling some of high school’s most important standardized tests. Please contact us for more information on our courses. Grade Levels 9-12

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College Admissions and Transition Preparation

ACE Tutoring guides students and families through all aspects of the challenging college admissions process. Understanding each student's needs and each family's goals is critical. So do you have a child that is a high school senior working on college applications? How about scholarship applications? Do they need help finding their way through all the paperwork? Not sure how to write a great personal statement, essay, or activity resume? Do they need some guidance on cost of attendance or FASFA? Now more than ever colleges are getting very competitive concerning admissions. That is were ACE Tutoring can help!

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College Level

Sometimes juggling college life, work schedules, and family/friends, can be extremely hectic. That is why we offer college students effective online tutoring services. We offer flexible schedules and attractive rates, especially for the busy college student. As indicated above, many of our core subjects are offered on college level. Our ACE tutors instruct college students in most of the subjects we offer. Those subjects include; Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, ESL, and Computer Software Training. To learn more, please visit our Contact us page. To sign up for services and take advantage of our special discounts for new customers, please visit our Sign up page.

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**Please be advised that the subjects offered by ACE Tutoring are not limited to what is listed on this page. Many of our teachers/tutors can effectively instruct in a variety of subjects in their field. If your child needs tutoring in a subject that is not listed on this page, please contact us. Appropriate accommodations can be made to set up effectual services for your child. Please be advised that most subjects are also taught at college level. For more info please contact us at or 1-888-570-0917